How are you guys keeping up during the second wave of Covid-19?


  • @Andy Winter Nothing ventured haha exactly. Thank you for the great links Andy :)
  • @Mark Lorincz Hi Mark, thanks very much :) nothing ventured eh?!

    So currently listening to Method in the Madness with Gregor Matheson

    but here's a list as big as my arm i'm hoping to get through (some at least)

  • @Andy Winter Clearly a rough time to start but I wish you a great luck! At the and of the day it's all about the work you put into it.

    Would you mind sharing with us all the creative podcasts you are subscribed to ? It woul be great to check those out :)
  • Ha I decided it would be a 'great' idea to start up on my own :D Only been 3 weeks into it so i'm remaining positive, listening to a lot of creative podcasts and keeping the self belief! :|
  • Just started my own online business that help me to make 300-500$/day.. here the ebook that help me out >>
  • @Kristine Di Grigoli That's great, please feel free to link your channel when it'll be out! I'd be happy to check it out :)
  • Challenging times. I'm working on my youtube channel and course outline to release in the near future.
  • Bored of the situation to be honest (as i'm sure everyone is)... just staying put and keeping safe at the moment and putting career development/personal projects on hold until things calm down. Things will get better though, I have high hopes for next year!
  • @Hajra Mubashar I am so sorry to hear that Hajra.
    I was in a marketing and pr manager position at a fine food restaurant. Not anymore... I feel you.

    You should be looking for creative talent agencies and animation studios, sending out your portolio 24/7. A graphic designer can easily come in handy these days when a brand or a store wants to move it's business to the online field. I know it's really hard and a lot of research and email but could be worth it :)

  • Sheesh, I'm struggling. I lost my job earlier this year, and have been attempting to freelance on Upwork for the past few months, with very slow business. It's gotten to a point where I am starting to reapply to full-time roles, almost knowing I'm going to hear nothing back from them. It's times like this where I really question whether this career was the right choice for me. Anyone else?

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