How does one get more experience working in the creative field apart from applying to online jobs etc>

I am a student that is very interested in putting myself in the business already but I have no idea how to get any opportunity with the limited formal experience that I have.


  • It's been challenging with the recent pandemic. Everything has shifted online! However, I do believe we'll be back into the physical space again soon. Fingers crossed!

    I find meeting people, face-to-face, always has a better success rate at capturing these opportunities. Especially within your local space.

    I found my first creative experiences from doing odd jobs around my town for independent businesses. I also volunteered at our local, independent art gallery which was a good networking opportunity.

    I got my first "real" employed design job by posting an advert on Gumtree. It's always worth putting yourself out there and just asking for the work.

    I hope this helps. :-)
  • Exactly as @Peter Jackson said, self-directed projects are a great way to go. I know a lot of creatives who have got most of their work based on personal work.

    When deciding what to do think about what kind of work you want to attract and the types of companies/individuals/causes you want to work with, and gear it towards that.
  • Self initiated projects are just as valuable as client work.

    They demonstrate your way of thinking.

    They can also be used as a creative way of approaching an agency that is hiring.

    A blank sheet of paper can be daunting, so you might find this helpful...
  • @Ø Macioti I have but I never knew how to apply to those positions as no one is really advertising for a volunteer photographer position. Thanks to your message, I have decided to just contact organisations that I would like to be a part of and just ask for opportunities. thank you!
  • Working for charities could be a good starting point to also develop other skills like dealing with briefs or clients. has different projects requiring different amount of times - if is a field you're interested in. Some photographers I knew used to work with agencies (model) for test shoots too.
  • Get a list of photographers that inspire you, then just keep emailing them saying you want to work with them. See where it takes you...
  • Have you considered doing some free work for charities? The experience could both look good on your CV and help you familiarize yourself with the photography world a bit x

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