How many projects/pages do you think are good to have in a PDF portfolio when applying for jobs/opportunities?


  • I do not think there is 'one size fits all solution', but I would aim for 6 projects, with no more than 10 total. You can always include more projects upon request as you go farther in your interviews.
  • I try and stick to10 projects and 20 slides max. I trim projects down just enough to tell a story, and then have an extended portfolio with the projects fleshed out incase they ask to see a little more.

    Advice I always went by (which is subjective) is start off with a strong project, put your weaker projects in the middle and finish on a strong note.

  • Good question, I'd say about 5-6 projects, roughly 20-25 pages (including cover page) and no bigger than 10MB. Probably different for different roles

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