How to find the right career path?

Have many skills and desires and years of education and forever learning, just want to make one big leap into the right career path for years to come, can i change along the way? how do i know what i do is the best choice? where do i begin? I feel lost.


  • I agree with some of the comments below, that you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself. Gone are the days of working the same job at the same company for 40+ years. Many people change careers throughout their lives, including myself; I've gone from publishing to digital marketing, journalist and now advertising.

    - Being curious and proactive: Seeking out opportunities to learn and grow knowing in your own role, or even striking something up on the side (flexible courses can help here)
    - Confidently recognise your worth and skills: These will help you transition should you wish
    - Every interaction is an opportunity: I once grabbed an internship at a national newspaper just from a conversation I had on the shop floor when I was working in retail.
  • Hey Scott,

    Firstly, online courses and classes helped me a lot to find what I'm interested in and capable of doing. It gives a good overview of the work specifics and also what it takes to master the skillset. It's easy to try out new things with free trials available without making a big time and financial commitment.
    Secondly, I'd say working in startups helps, if the business is in early stages usually you'll get to wear multiple hats at once, which could potentially lead to finding out what you're really passionate about.

    I hope this helps!

  • Hi Scott! This exercise might help you: where do you picture yourself in 1 year? 5 years? What about in 10 years? After that focus in realistic small steps to achieve your goals, but the secret is to be open to learn and change the direction of your path. If you stick to hard to try to find the right path you might find yourself stuck. IM
  • Hi Scott! I would say don't put too much pressure on yourself to make one big leap into the right direction. Focus on making one small decision at the right time, based on your current situtaion. What's right for you may chop and change over time, and that's totally cool. With knowledge and skills you can flex your career to suit you. It's a journey with many available routes, not necessarily right or wrong. Focus on your one next step, and the rest will take care of itself. Your 'dream job' may not even exist yet, the whole creative industry is always evolving. With every role, at every company you'll learn and grow and over time you'll look back on an impressive colourful career that you maybe couldn't have even imagined at the beginning. Trust yourself and your own judgements. You don't need to find the right career path, you'll create one!
  • I find this diagram actually helpfull
    Then from there you work out simple milestones, short term achivable goals, people to connect with, training to do, find you unique selling point, your niche. get yourself out there, put your work out there, everywhere you can, it will eventually pay off.

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