I need opinions/support! I think i need to go in a different career direction

No word of a lie, i've attended so many interviews & they go absolutely nowhere!
I've made it to the 3rd/4th stages so many times & still nothing!

But it's really making me realise maybe i need to go into a different direction, i recorded a pilot video for a potential youtube video yesterday, it's quite funny if I do say so myself!

Considering I've now attended so many interviews, I thought why not set up a platform to help people prepare for interviews, but is that a silly idea considering mine seem to be going nowhere?
Or should I try make some funny content regarding interviews?

As @Pip Jamieson would say:
"I'm delightfully dyslexic" so excuse if the above is a bit jumbly


  • Great thread and so much to add to this, have some of my own writings/audio around this topic too. I feel its a subject many people have stories, funny musings and much needed comedy sketch material about! It is one which has so much to be added too, especially now in Covid times. I'll check the thread out more later and comment more but definitely play around with ideas, look forward to hearing some of them.
  • @Gillian Bourke great idea and massive congrats in getting it out there. You’ll learn so much about yourself and what your true potential is.

    “I’d rather deal with failure than regret”

    Stay Boom!
  • @Laura Deetman , @Melissa Sterry , @Scott Morrison , @Rajib Moazzam @Erica Gens , @_Fresh Meet & @Pip Jamieson

    I've been working on developing a podcast (well i still am, but i'm definetely getting somewhere)
    I've uploaded it to a project section, you can find it here, please do let me know what you think.

  • So sorry you haven’t had any results Gillian! Sometimes things happen to us to push us out of our comfort zone into a new direction.

    The platform sounds like a great idea. Any good business will start with solving a problem ... and that’s exactly what you would be doing as you’ve experiences the problem yourself.

    My advice would be start exploring what’s out there. Trial (and error) out some of your own content and see where this exciting new project takes you!

  • Hello Gillian

    If it's any conciliation, many will know how you feel, myself included. When I graduated from my Bachelors back in the 1990s the employment market in the sector I'd principally trained in was sharply contracting. There were barely any jobs to apply for, and in most instances employers were asking for unpaid internships. I concluded to that if no-one would give me the job I wanted, I would start-up my own business. Now the first of many.

    Fast forward to the present and we're facing a conflicted market. On the one hand, many UK companies across many sectors are in crisis, and with the UK due to imminently leave the Withdrawal Period, a very many business owners and executives are questioning if their businesses will survive. Understandable given the rate of liquidations is at an all time high. On the other hand, business that can are changing aspects of their business model, if not the whole business model, and in some instances though still acclimatising some are thriving. Additionally, some, including many in digital, are either creating start-ups afresh, or scaling start-ups still in their first phase of development. The latter two groups are looking for talent, but the challenge many face, some of they I am myself aboard with, is gaging the rate at which they can scale, hence hire.

    Regarding your question, 'should I try to make some funny content'. Absolutely. If you have a creative idea, explore it. Be it turning your interview experiences into a video series, podcasts, or anything else. I'm sure many will relate to your experiences. If it goes somewhere, great. If it doesn't, hell, you gave it a go, and that's what you've got to do, and do time and again. In that process, always know that there will be nay-sayers. Possibly plenty. But, your nearest and dearest will support you. And, every creative that ever did anything brave, ever crafted anything new will consider you one of the 'club', for which the membership criteria is beating new paths, in new places, not always knowing exaclty where you are going, but that it'll be somewhere interesting.

    Good luck in your endeavours. I for one would love to see your comedic take on the interview process.

  • @Scott Morrison Hi Scott, my most recent one was literally the one! Whilst reading through the job spec I could put a tick next to each bullet point as I knew I could contribute to every one.
    The job spec really excited me & it also had a lot of room for learning especially in the google analytics side of things where I am so passionate & eager to learn more about how that side of things works.

    I do treat every decline as a blessing in disguise & i do truly believe the best is yet to come for me however it needs to come pretty asap.
    @Scott Morrison I'm currerently on your website & I want to BOOM myself, your company is literally what I'm looking for! I'm so passionate & energetic to just get in & make a difference along with building myself. If we could possibly organise a phone call to discuss as putting all the sh*t that i wanna say on paper is very mumbly jumbly (dyselxic & proud)
  • @Rajib Moazzam Thank you so much for that feedback! I have just asked an interviewer for sepcific feedback as I had done a task & was on the 2nd round for the interviews so surely they will be able to give me more specific feedback! So fingers crossed!
    In regards to my idea, yes i'm going to really brainstorm how i can tackle it, i've just attended a focus group & i'm feeling so inspired.
  • Hi Gillian.

    Have you felt that each of the roles you’ve missed out on have been ‘the one’ or are you secretly relieved when you find out you’re bot through?

    I ask because I think we’re duped in the interview process and have been for generations. We assume we’re in there to sell ourselves and so we go in with a ‘seller’ mentality. We hit up as many roles as we can and try and sell ourselves. And, because everyone else is doing the same, the process rumbles on and on - the interviewers always have the choice and exercise that right.

    Imagine a different way. You’re laser focused on exactly what you want and where you want to be. You’re confident in your ability and place in the world and you’re looking for a partner to help you bring that out - you’re ‘in the market’ for likeminded businesses who you want to work with to deliver your vision. In other words, you are a ‘buyer’ - you’re seeing if they can fit and expand your needs, not the other way around.

    This means you approach it very differently. You’re really selective about who you speak with. When you create your shortlist and go to meet them, YOU’VE prepared to interview them. You make it clear you’re in the market to find a business that will help bring your skills to the fore and is a fit for you. NOT the other way around.

    That switch in mindset ie that at any time, you’re in control of whether you want to work with them or not, is extremely powerful.

    Of course, it’s not about being arrogant. It’s about being sure of yourself, clear on your value and reasons and interviewing them for the fit as opposed to the other way around.

    The dynamic will change because most people come in as sellers.

    The dynamic will change because no one expects it.

    Try it with your new view on where you want to get to. It’s really powerful.

    Stay Boom!
  • Hi Gilian,

    I would say you need to reflect on things. When I started out I had like 30 interviews till I found a job. It had 2 reasons: 1 my salary expectations were very high 2: my talent and personality fits way more for a freelancer than an employee. I didn't realise the 2nd at that point.

    So I would recommend to have a bit of think maybe you have a core belief about being something that you aren't and so that's way you go for the wrong jobs. Maybe it just such a small difference that you always approach big companies instead of a small team. Hope it makes sense.

    feel free to check out my work on https://www.instagram.com/annadoralascsik/
  • Hi Gillian, I think at some time, we have all been in a similar situation to yourself. Applying for jobs, getting extremely far in the process, but not seemingly able to cross that final line. We have all been there, so you're not alone.

    The first thing that I'd be interested to know, is whether or not you have requested specific feedback from the recruiting team as to why your application was not successful (you can always position this as a 'looking to improve yourself' exercise). This can often highlight something you may need to reinforce during the interview stage.

    Secondly the job market at the moment is quite erratic, so I wouldn't get too disheartened about the lack of progression. There are so many people vying for the same job, and sometimes the best candidate doesn't always get the gig. If you're truly passionate about what you do, you shouldn't give up just yet.

    Your idea also sounds very interesting, there are so many people out there who are in a similar boat, who maybe have no one to turn to for advice. Your project could help you improve your profile, and show you're a proactive person, as well as helping to support others, so I would really consider it.
  • Hey Gillian! I think your ideas are great!! You really just need to fully believe in yourself and just go for it, giving it all you’ve got!! On this regard I fully suggest you to check out “modelme” which is an absolute brilliant platform for creatives and not only! I’m sure you could benefit from it so much! Try and have a look :)
    Stay safe x
  • Hi Gillian! You could try offering yourself as a keynote speaker to a talk series. There are many events series around similar topics, and by getting infront of an audience you'd be able to tell what you enjoy sharing and what the reaction might be. Just an idea!
  • Hi @Gillian Bourke - so lovely to meet a fellow dyslexic.

    If you're exploring new career options, I'd highly recommend coming to our Skills of the Future webinar: https://the-dots.com/events/skills-of-the-future-using-the-dots-to-identify-your-skills-upskill-reskill-with-founder-pip-jamieson-4252 which is aimed at helping you identify your skills, upskill & reskill :-)

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