I’ve been accepted onto Apple’s Entrepreneur Camp! I only applied because The-Dots mentioned how useful it was. Thank you! Question:

Any thoughts how I might get the best out of this, especially as it is online and there won’t be many chats around the coffee machine?


  • @Pip Jamieson Thank you so much for your reply. So generous, kind and helpful . Yes, I've been listing the technical help that the app needs already and app store use is definitely on the list!

    I wasn't sure how much/whether any business strategy or coaching might be on offer? So I will get my elevator pitch sharpened up and ready.

    Thanks as well for letting me hang on your coattails - I will absolutely tell everyone I meet where the inspiration to apply came from. The CMB channel workshops that you (and the-dots team) created helped immensely with the wording on my application.
  • Oh my goodness, this just made my day! Congrats @Vickie Ward - that's HUGE!

    Here’s a couple of my top tips:

    - Dawn, who leads the Camp, is a legend. Let her know that you know me/found out about the Camp via The Dots and she'll look after you!
    - Work on your elevator pitch before the Camp That way, when you meet fellow founders & the Apple team they can clearly understand what you do and how they can help!
    - I’d also take time to think about what specific challenges you're having with your app (or future app!)  – particularly on the tech and design side. This will ensure you get the most out of the sessions & 121 coaching time.
    - I also found the session on ‘how to market your app in the app store, and (potentially get featured)’, particularly helpful.
    - The Alumni network (i’m of course one of them) is amazing, so definitely tap into that
    - Apart from that, just soak it all up - you’ll learn so much!

    Oh, and having spoken at a recent ‘virtual’ Camp, I believe you’ll still get lots of ‘virtual’ networking time with fellow founders, so I don’t think the Camp being virtual will be a problem.

    If there are other app founders & developers on The Dots who are interested in Apple Camp, you can find more info here: https://developer.apple.com/entrepreneur-camp/

    I can totally vouch for this program, as I’ve been through it myself.
  • Congratulations, that's amazing Vicky!

    I'm sure @Pip Jamieson will have a lot of advice as she's been on the camp herself :-)

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