I would like some advice or feedback on my online portfolio before I launch. Much appreciated! https://lizzeshadecom.squarespace.com/


  • @Emily-Jayne Nolan Thank you 🫶🏾 it is ease to be a maximalist instead of the minimalist. Cutting it down on the site. Appreciate the feedback 😊
  • @Kid Circus Thank you! taken that on board and added to the contact page 🙂
  • Your work is great!!!

    But I would say you might not need that many images/priojects on your website. Most clients will only give you a few seconds on your site, so maybe cut down on the amount a little? (I need to do the same, it's sooo hard cutting them down) xx
  • Great work. :)

    I'd say on your Contact page, even though you have a form it's worth adding your actual email address. That way if a potential client already has a brief/pdf they want to send across to you as an attachment, that can do it easily. Just to make it that little bit easier for people to book you straight away :D
  • @Lizze Shade Yeah. So when you turn up people know what you look like.
  • Great variety. But the thing missing is YOU!! People may love your work but still need your stamp on the site so people know who they are seeking to work with.
  • I think it looks great, get out there and send the link to as many people as possible
  • @Michelle Walsh Thank you so so much! All great ideas, will be adding those little bits to the site. Much appreciated honestly ✨
  • Hi Lizzie, your work is so beautiful and this looks great. Something small might be just putting "Stylist & Creative Director" on the work page above the image grid so that anyone landing on the homepage knows immediately what you do and how you contributed to the images. Squarespace will let you edit the favicon (tiny icon in the browser bar) so you could make that your LS icon maybe? And last idea, it might be worth calling out the publications you've been published in on the About page. You could have a small strip of black logos or just list them. Good luck! Michelle

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