Im currently look for advice and tips on how to write a business plan. If there is anyone I can contact, please message me! stay safe!


  • Hey Latisha

    I think there is a ‘how to write a business plan’ class in Saturday School...

    Good luck!
  • My tip is to keep it as simple as possible in the first instance!
    Don't let it get in the way of getting started and adapating and evolving as you go.

    When we started we always tried to make our first plans too in dpeth and it was never worth the time!

    Good luck Latisha!
  • +1 for what @Scott Morrison said

    There is another canvas that's good for new businesses: it's called Lean Canvas. It focuses you on what problem you are solving for which customers, which is the foundation of any business.

    It's a free resource (just google the PDF) and you'll find lots of explainer videos on YouTube as well. Good luck and stay safe!
  • Hi Latisha

    There are plenty of options when it comes to business plans and my advice is not to get caught up too heavily in creating lots of financial scenarios that are at best hopeful and at worst out of date by the time you present them.

    I'd start with the Business Model Canvas which is a great tool to help you understand your whole business on a page - think of it as an elevator pitch and it is a powerful way of underpinning your business with solid thinking.

    Then, create a simple P&L that feeds from this - it's more important to be able to explain your assumptions and decisions and allow flexibility in those than it is to have a rigid plan to justify.

    Also remember, don't build hope into your plan. Be honest and open about where your business is and will go to and that gives you an opportunity to share the upside as a positive rather than explain a downside as an issue.

    Hope that helps.

    Stay Boom!
  • Let’s I can help you or not

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