Images and illustrations made by AI

My frustration is beyond human levels.

Share your thoughts and feelings about it and where do you see this going in the future


  • Mathematicians & scientists see a calculator as a tool. This tech should be seen as one too.
  • Would you like the images free or just free from copyright. AI is an ad agencies dream. Quantity over quality and they can get rid of all the people. Imagine. Coming onto a site with working artists and asking them if they know any computers.
  • As John Hegarty said, “We become in awe of technology. We fear technology.”

    New technologies have been coming and going since fire, and when a new technology comes, there’s a period when nobody knows how to use it, which is what we’re in now with AI art.

    Sometimes people harness new technologies creatively and it becomes a new norm, sometimes it dies of lack of any real use.

    Only time will tell what happens to this one, but to quote Hegarty again:

    “Without technology, our creativity would be limited to singing each other a song, telling stories, or scratching drawings on a cave wall. And as wonderful as all these activities are, you have to admit they’re a bit limiting.”
  • It, like most techbro-led initiatives, is shit of the most boring and ultimatley worthless variety.

    Like NFTs, it's going to be the domain of incredibly unpleasant, cheap people without the insight to understand what works, what is quality, and what is ethical. For that reason, I'm not *that* concerned with its implications on professional work because the clients who cheap out on work, DIY shit, use bidding sites like Fiverr and Reedsy -- i.e. clients I'll never work with -- are the clients who will gravitate towards AI "art" and AI-led projects.

    Can I, for instance, see self-publishing welcoming AI both in terms of writing and artwork? Absolutely. Because 90% of self-publishing authors are insincere, cheap, and delusional both about their own skill and what it takes to produce a book.

    But again, I know that my clients -- who are all in that 10% -- know my value and the value needed to produce quality products.

    Now, where I am worried, is in the ethical standpoint and the precedent it sets to people entering various industries. Because the whole point of the machine-learning aspect of AI is that it's learning from us, actual professionals. It may not be able to put out proper images (at least to people with eyes) but it's still stealing from us.

    This has major implications in a variety of ways. First, in that people will consistently look at AI as something ethical to use for their projects (books, brands, etc) because increasing portions of their industries -- even if it's the very shitty parts of those industries -- are pretending AI art is good. Second, young people entering into artistic professions are going to see from the start, before they've developed insight and confidence into their own processes, work taken from them by people typing prompts into a computer which already has their work.

    BUT, I also have faith that, like everything tech-boobs create, it will implode under the weight of its eventual monetisation.

    For now, however, it's gross, bad at what it does, and ultimately a piece of shit that encourages already bad clients to be worse.

  • hi Simona!
    I wrote and illustrated an article for Blogchain during the period when I was the resident artist.
  • Personally, I think that people both over and under estimate AI.
    I don't want to be a technological centrist here, but I sort of see it as an impressive new toy with limited capabilities.

    Our human desire for connection is something that most people aren't even aware of, and that's something that's expressed through the medium of art/ illustration/ any half decent design. AI, for most people, means generating fun selfies, but beyond that, it's conceptually nul.

    Most people don't really know what they want, or at least come to the realisation of it on their own without a group effort, and AI can't really bring that to anyone who wants/ needs something novel.

    The bottom line is that certain kinds of people will cut corners and underpay in whatever way possible, and it shows- this has existed long before AI, and it will exist long after the novelty of the technology has fizzled out.
  • On a basic local level I can imagine whole spots created by AI that include the copy, actors/images, voice over etc. and they would be better than a lot of local ads are now! In larger creative endeavors, AI is already acting as an inspiration and exploration tool to quickly bounce ideas around. When and if the terminators come about is hard to predict!!!

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