Looking for a graphic designer person who could tell the story of different Design for Planet practices coming together

Design Council has just launched Design for Planet fellows, a programme that brings together designers from different disciplines (fashion, engineering, product, strategic, architecture etc) to share and weave together their different 'Design for Planet practices'. You can read more about it here.

Design for Planet is our new mission to support the 1.69m strong UK design community to design with the welfare of the planet as a priority. You can watch our short film here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEkInJzvv84

We are looking for a graphic designer/illustrator/data viz specialist to help these fellows visualise how their practices are being woken, stritched and combined together. Please get in touch with a portfolio if you think this is you!


  • Hi Cat, this sounds really intresting. Would love to get help and be involved if you are still looking! My name is Ty Abiodun and im a UK based designer with over 10 years expiereince. Happy to share a portfolio, if you contact me at ty (at) the-trees.co.uk

  • Hi Cat,

    I am a freelance creative with 5 years of experience working in illustration and design, with clients spanning all industries. All examples of my design skills/services and previous work can be seen via www.sassrobcreative.com - particular projects that might be of interest are www.sassrobcreative.com/work/new-forest-escapes, https://www.sassrobcreative.com/work/5149 and www.sassrobcreative.com/work/chessie-king

    Feel free to send me a message or an email at info@sassrobcreative.com

    Best wishes,
  • Hello Kat,

    If you are still on the lookout for a designer, I'd definitely love to be considered. You can see some of my work here: www.meganhope.co.uk, If you like what you see I can share a more updated portfolio, which includes a Britich Council climate change campaign and working on various campaigns featured in COP26. So this project definitely sounds up my street!

  • Hello Cat,

    It sounds like a very meangful project and would be pleased to be apart! Please check out my work on

    And feel free to get in touch on 4nn414@gmail.com

  • Hi Cat,

    This sounds like a really cool programme! I am a freelance illustrator/designer, you can see my recent work here: https://freddie.studio/

    Please get in touch if you think my style would suit your project :)

    Many thanks,

  • Hi, this is regarding your requirement for a Graphic Designer.

    You can judge my creativity and experience by looking at -

    - https://honestbrew.co.uk/
    - https://dogstudio.co/
    - https://www.peachpay.me/

    At last, here is my portfolio so that you can have a glimpse at my graphic designing arsenal:


    I guess this would be it. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  • @Matthew Munday Hey Matthew, your work is beautiful, in love with bright illustrations :)
  • Hi Cat,

    Sounds like an amazing project and would love to get involved. My folio is below if you are still looking for illustrators/designers :)



  • Hi Cat,

    I would love to get involved with this exciting opportunity. I am a freelance illustrator with three years experience. Please visit https://www.janebarges.com to see examples of my work.

    All the best,

  • Hi Cat - this sounds really exciting and I'd love to be considered. Here's a link to my portfolio: https://weareseamoor.co.uk/

    Many thanks!
  • Hi Cat,
    I'm interested in taking part in this opportunity. Here is the link to my portfolio

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