Looking to collaborate with a freelance art curators to take Sodium Burn to an exciting next level.

We are working on an exciting and unique new art curation platform for sodium Burn and need to form relationships with inspiring art curators and writers to help us source and maintain new artists and create new editorial content.


  • Hello Chris! I'd love to get involved, you can contact me on elisabetta.curators.cfm@gmail.com

    Best Wishes,
  • Hi Chris!

    I am a photographer and curator that is really interested. My practice centralises around connection.

    I have curated for Modern Film Archive and volunteered with Open Eye Gallery.

    I’ve also been featured in Humble Arts Foundation and am a Fresh Eyes 2021 Talent. I have produced commissioned video work for Montilla Designs previously.

    Moreover, I have written for Pupil Sphere, Folksy and more recently Where’s Mollie.

    You can see my work here:

    Please feel free to contact me on cdbsonp@gmail.com
    Kindest regards,
  • Hi Chris,

    I'm a photography expert with a global contacts book of emerging and established artists.

    I have written and edited content on photography for more than 20 years, including the recent book, Magnum Artists: When Great Photographers Meet Great Artists, and have curated two group exhibitions.

    I am interested in paid opportunities.

    Drop me a line of you'd like to hear more.


  • Hi Chris,
    I'm interested in knowing more about the project. Here is the link to my website and email address
  • Hi Chris,

    This sounds like such a brilliant project, I am a multi-disciplinary artist working with music, writing, sound design, voice acting and film.

    If any of these areas interest you please get in touch at kaneobrien98@yahoo.ie

  • Hey! I'd love to get involved, you can contact me on jess.aoife@hotmail.co.uk x

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