Morning everyone! Putting together an investment deck for a new venture and trying to get a feel for what a good quality website would cost?

Needs to have membership login, member customisation, payment/billing etc. I realise there's such a sliding scale out there but I need something built for a business that will adapt and grow - so needs to have a really strong back-end. Any rough figures on what I should be looking at budgeting and also if you have any recs for designers/builders please let me know! Thanks x


  • Hi @Hannah Lord. I have a branding agency that does exactly this. Front-end UX design and back-end development + all other brand design needs right down to print and packaging. For what you described your starting point should be 10k EUR for a working (client-facing) prototype and double for something that's really wow... Happy to help further if you should need it
  • Hello Hannah,

    Based on what you described I would budget at least £10K for this and £20K if you don't want a high quality. The prices can be vary really, there will be people who would say they can do it for you for £5K but most of the times they would mess up halfway and there are agencies who would easily charge for £100K for such a job. Also if you are looking for a developer / agency to develop it does worth to have a look in other countries for it as they fees can be very vary. But that's also something that has it's own risks so you should have a good understanding what you are looking for and see that they did similar job before. Hope it helps! I do design btw if you may need that ;)
  • Hi Hannah,

    I’d love to help with this! I am a freelance creative with 6 years of experience working in design, with clients spanning all industries. All examples of my design skills/services and previous work can be seen via

    I have experience designing and creating websites, primarily using Squarespace, examples of which can be seen here - . Squarespace is a great platform for a website, as I can create a fully bespoke website using CSS, it has inbuilt SEO and is easy to update going forward. Squarespace is a great platform for membership websites (more info here -

    I’d love to chat more about what you’re after! I’ve sent you a connection request or feel free to email me via

    Best wishes,
  • Hi Hannah,
    Whilst I can't give you a figure, a fencing club I was in until covid came along used an off the shelf package they simply badged up. I think it was called 'membership mojo' - I can get you the exact details if that won't find it. It's a specific package for membership organisations such as small sports clubs and I believed the club paid a subscription based on the membership. It included all the backend as part of it, GDPR compliance and hosting, all the club did was paid and played.
  • Hi Hannah. I'd be more than happy to help. It's tough to provide an exact figure. But depending on the scale of the business and level of customisation you could be looking at anywhere between £5-15k.

    This also depends on the level of interactions and design work that would go into as well. I'd be happy to have a chat today and go over what you are looking for in more detail?

    Here's my email:

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