Please share: What's the most positive suggestion you've received on building your Brand as a Creative Artist in your field? Love to hear! x


  • Some people will love what you do and some people will hate it. (Even Shakespeare gets one-star reviews). Go after the people who love what you do, and forget about those who don't. Create what you love and create what moves you.
  • Understand why you do what you do (the really deep reason, not just better money or more flexible working hours) and who you do it for. Sounds ridiculously obvious but took me a long time to get the importance of it!
  • One person said I come across exactly as I do on social media and our website as I do in person. So, we've weaved authenticity into the brand. That's something that we should continue to do and build upon.

    It was really lovely to hear as it means we're doing something genuine and "real". :-)
  • Making ‘shareable’ content is the quickest route to grow an audience.
    Brand is more than a logo etc it’s how you make people feel. Eventually they’ll associate your logo with that feeling. Work out what you’re trying to make people feel.
    Don’t try and convert non believers, find those who already align.
    Hope there’s something used in there :)
  • When faced with a creative brief: Do what you've been asked to do — and do your version too... present both... often your option will be the one that's chosen... the more you do of that... the more you'll be able to demonstrate how YOU want to do things — leading to the day when you get hired for your view alone.

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