Remote Vs Office Will remote working become the new standard?

If so:
As people won't need to relocate to big cities anymore, will metropolitan house prices and rents go down?
Will remote workers like graphic designers, 3D artists and such be in a struggleing competition for jobs against lower wedges countries?


  • Yes remote work is here to stay, it give employers and employees more flexibilty, a better work life balance and with the likes of Zoom it's shown that we can contiune to work effectively but that said on occasions we will need to meet face to face.
  • I currently run a business where our initial business model was to have contractors working from home and could work whenever they wanted as long as the jhob was done, but unfortunately the quality of work was not up to standard as it would have been if they were in an office.
    Home is a place to relax, and get away from everything, and I myself working from home for my entire career have felt the impact of working and living in the same place.
    Not everyone has the motiviation to work from home, especially with family and other ditractions :(
    It would be amazing if it was possible for everyone (who could) to work from home, as the roads would be quieter, less polution, less money spent on travelling, etc.
    Best thing in my opinion would be to implement flexible work from home as Thomas mentioned.
  • I really hope office life returns. For sure there are some benefits to working from home, and I see largely positive feelings towards increased working from home going forward, but as someone who's part of a team of designers, I really miss being able to just quickly nudge someone for an opinion, or quickly run over to marketing to check something, rather than having to book in a call etc.

    I think in the short term a move to working from home is OK, but i'm sure in the long term there will be more subtle negative consequences, like the lack of human interaction and having home and work merge in to the same space.

    However, I do think companies will feel more confident in allowing flexible working/WFH for more employees because I think this crisis has shown that it doesn't seem to have a negative impact on output at least. I would like there to be an increase in personal choice, rather than one way or the other being imposed upon us.
  • Not sure if it will be the new standard but hopefully it will be more common and will make the studios organize and prepare for that. Studios like Jellyfish are a great example. I think it can benefit both studios and artists. Brands will work with Artists they wouldn't otherwise and Artists will be able to work with studios all across the world. I've wrote a couple of simple Medium articles on this if you are interested:

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