Squarespace or Wix

I’m looking for a site that will hold my Dropbox account (giving limited people access to its contents) does anyone know if either squarespace or wix offer this?

(I know you can connect a Dropbox but can only find information to suggest it’s for being able to upload elements)


  • I'm probably biased since I'm a developer (making from scratch all the way anyday), but going to throw a curveball and say Wordpress is the best out of all "out the box" options. I think it's also the cheapest of all options for hosting. Quick comparison of the 2 you mentioned as I've used both before - Squarespace: better template options and cleaner editor UI, Wix: more customisabe options.
  • I’m currently using Wix (other reasons behind this) but have noted some issues and dimensions being one when creating sites / portfolio. Will use alternatives when subscription ends as it live at the moment.
  • Squarespace. It's mobile adaptability is vastly superior and with it's grid structure it produces much better looking sites. Wix is fine, but I've had so many issues with page widths and SEO I push all my clients away from it. It's just not worth the hassle just so you can drag and drop.

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