What agency/freelancer planning tools, are people using that they'd recommend, to help manage jobs/clients? I'm thinking of changing ours.

I've considered, Monday.com, Asana, Planner etc. so what else is there? Looking for something that can timekeep, visual Gantt chart style to see concurrent jobs, by user/by client. I don't want to be a slave to the solution, but have a solution that just works alongside us to help. Interested to know what's hot and what's not out there?


  • @Marta Buccella great feedback for Notion again, thank you. It helps to know the pros and cons of the different systems. I accept that no one solution is perfect, I'm an ex VP Marketing of global ERP businesses, so know this more than most. Which is why I'm in a dilema as I don't want to be switching for a long, long while. cheers Marta!
  • @Anna Negrini Thank you so much, I'd not considered Notion, so this is a great shout, I'm off to check it out. I really appreciate your comments, lots of solutions vying for my business with Solution A vs Solution B style knock out approaches, so there has to be something that fits to scale. Thank you Anna.
  • @Daniel Hawley-Lingham this is excellent feedback, many thanks Daniel for taking the time to respond! You have a good grasp of the different solutions. I had used Basecamp too, but found it needed constant supervision. I also use Trello on the odd bit, it's good for organising work, but not intuitive for utlisation...I find anyway. Google is a good shout. I was all geared up for Asana, but their basic customer service was poor and fellow marketing leaders who are users have said the same, so I'm hesitating. I'll keep you posted and let you know what's decided. Thank you again, I really appreciate it.
  • I have used Asana for years - I am old enough to have started on Basecamp (it's still going) - also tried Clickup but from a visual perspective and high level overiew I am finding that gantt charts are really useful - Asana doesn't allow you to access that functionaity on the free level, Clickup is visually awful, TeamGantt is too limited but looks ok (only one project at a time). Time tracking often comes at premium level subscription. I have recently discovered that Google have introduced Timeline on their Sheets - you just need a column with dates and in converts your data into a very useable gantt. Most of these things are much-of-a-muchness - partly depends on budget, learning curves and buy-in from other staff or clients. Lots of people already know Asana so are less afriad to jump in. I am personally shifting back to sheets with the new Timeline for project overview - maybe this could work alongside google tasks - I don't know. btw Asana has always left me wanting more - Clickup was a breakway app from some of the same developers but I think it's too much for me - definitely a kanban PM style workflow - if you're into that. Also use Trello ona couple of projects - they were one of the first to use visual boards - Asana have tried to implelent similar.
  • I’ve always had a great experience in companies using Notion. It’s handy to have both documentation and task management all in the same place ✨

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