What are the Top Recruiter Red Flags you should look out for ?


  • Hi Moses,
    Hope you are well.

    What you should expect is a longer intro call where you can really get to know each other. A call where you walk them through your portfolio and give them a clear brief as to what you’re looking for. At the same time they should update you on how they work, what kind of clients they have, what kind of roles they have going that could be of interest. In my experience this does not have to be IRL. I worked with several recruiters over the years I’ve never met in person yet was able to built brilliant rapport with.
    These are the ones you want to update from your side as well on a regular basis, so they understand what you’re up to and you stay on their radar.

    The ones that try to deal with you as fast as possible and just store your CV and portfolio are mostly less fruitful. Yet, you never know if there might be a gig coming out of it by surprise.

    There are some that will ghost you, other will over promise you things, others send you JD’s that have nothing to do with your initial brief.

    In a nutshell: Focus your energy on the ones that invest energy in you. Keep the others on a 2nd level and invest less time in them and regard them as a back up option that might surprise you once in a while.
  • Hi Moses,

    Tbh I think they have more red flags then green, unfortunately. Generally I would say the good ones

    - wants to meet in person, see your portfolio and CV and really listen
    - they appreciate your boundaries fi. don't try to push you to a job that fi. doesn't really meet your salary expectations
    - you see that they propose jobs for you that is a real fit for your style

    and a few red flags
    - you never met them in real life
    - you can see on a few things that they didn't even look your portfolio properly
    - they ask you ridiculous things fi. take our contact info from your portfolio
    - they change pages in your pdf portfolio
    - they ignore you when you are not happy in a position they did you you in
    - they try to manipulate you like saying things that your salary expectations are too high

    Hope it helps!
  • - start the email/Linkedin message calling you with a different name
    - ask something that it's clearly explained in your CV or portfolio they asked you to send beforehand "so I can have a thorough look at it"
    - send you job offers for chef just because your website uses the metaphor of cooking/food to present your works (I had to change the website hahah).
    - say they'll update you and go silent
    - just want to tick boxes

    Green flags:
    - advise you how to market yourself
    - engage in a conversation about your skills, strenghts and weaknesses
    - link your skills and experiences to the job specs
    - keep you updated

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