What do you think the future of events will look like?

Do you think virtual events will be the way forward? Or are you hoping for more engagement in the real world?


  • Big crowds will come back, but with so much more opportunities for online attendance and engagement backstage/ onstage. Also multiple live streaming experiences built on blockchain so it can be sold off as NFTs.
  • We run awards events, which have been entirely online for the last year+. We're going back to real life events as soon as we can and expect those to be our high value activities. We might livestream those RL events, but I'm not sure that will a big part of it. But we will continue running our online awards too - there's something incomparably nice about chatting about new directors work and what's happening in the industry, with people in America and Germany and India (for example).
  • We're finding that it's entirely down to the purpose of the "event". A blanket response would say that general comms and training/learning would stay heavy on digital yet sales and showcase experiences are really longing for the real world. To say it's going to stay digital or all come back to live is too shortsighted. There are absolutely avenues where the best of both worlds can be integrated into an experience.
  • The new world will surely be a hybrid. Digital events are far more inclusive and sustainable, but we miss out on the human connection so going forward we're looking at something in between. I would love to see more events which create a moment for smaller groups of people to experience something special together (perhaps at the same time as millions worldwide also experience it).
  • With environmental breakdown taking centre stage in the media, I am anticipating sustainability featuring significantly in events plans. With regards to engagement, I think many events will remain virtual only, due to the increased accessibility of such events, however I think the public will be incredibly keen to experience events in person again.
  • In person events will have a HIGH influx which is going to resurrect the events industry but there is also going to be a huge demand for digital/virtual events. ClubHouse is leading this on the audio side but Facebook and Twitter are doing to leverage their audio platforms to replicate what ClubHouse is doing. The future is definitely virtual/digital AND physical events

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