What’s the difference between pure creativity and applied creativity? Why is it important?


  • Sometimes we say about something "pure creativity" when we have a moment of delightful admiration. In this situation eveeything else is just applied creativity. The process of creation is born inside and ends outside. During the time of process input is mutating and transforming into output because we use tools. I believe the future will give us shorter times. Closer connection between input and output. More transparent tools. And we will see more of that what ia inside our brain when the ideas or pictures are born there. Perfect visualisation of our mind pictures behind closed eyes may give us more pure creativity.
  • One is applied...
    This is like asking what is the difference between math and economics = One is applied.
    By pure I assume you mean without application meaning it's an idea whereas applied means execution which brings an idea to life. Just like math in economics.
  • Hello everyone.

    This is a difficult question. Any kind of creativity that makes it to the outside world is applied already to a certain extend and has a purpose. It is not unbound anymore. It has an agenda. Either it is verbalized to cause a reaction with the recipient/audience or it is put into shape color, sound in order to evoke a feeling, transport a message, a mood etc. Sometimes it is even made to sell. At least it is already communication and done in order to reach somebody.

    For me art, music, opera, film, performance and so on is similarly "applied" like advertising of any kind , communication design and such that is build on specific briefings and propositions. Just the purpose is different here.

    And sometimes even the purposes are similar and mixed as advertising has found a new relevance, trying to make the world a better place in the name of brands and any kind of art being a commodity, however critical and credible its message and content may be.

    The only creativity that is "pure" is probably the undirected visual, audio, and verbal stream of thought flowing through ones brain before it gets determined and can form a final idea. The unexpressed daydream so to say. And probably creative works of 1-2 year-olds. Everything else is applied. ;)
  • Pure creativity is the artist alone to explore and create, and to see where it goes. To build something from the heart, a work unlimited by any requirements, any purpose other than to satisfy the need to create.

    Applied creativity seeks to use those same skills to answer a question, serve a purpose or solve a problem. It is a functional application of creative skills with the intention of delivered value.

    Both are equally important. The first reminds us that we're human, and then second enables us to help others.

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