Joseph Melton

Joseph Melton

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Joseph Melton

Joseph Melton

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a multi-disciplinary senior creative with experience both agency and client-side spanning Brand Management, Brand Strategy and Creative Direction. With great interpersonal skills, oodles of empathy, an infectious calm and a seasoned sense of humour. Over the years I've developed a deep understanding of the creative process and the need for targeted engagement through relevant on-brand, omnichannel content including social, digital, experience and print. Strategic and conceptual at heart combined with advanced levels of skill in Adobe Creative Cloud and Photography.
  • Disney's BFG and the GREAT Britain campaign
    Disney's BFG and the GREAT Britain campaignConceived of and Art Directed by Joseph Melton. Approved by Steven Spielberg. Objectives: • Change perceptions. • Extend brand reach. • Highlight film locations. • Increase exposure for Britain outside of London. • Increase PR exposure. • Increase social media and digital engagement. • Create data capture opportunities. Markets: PRIMARY: USA, France OTHER: Germany, Australia, Brazil, India, GCC, China, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Japan, Austria, Sou
  • Multi-channel brand campaign
    Multi-channel brand campaignXero does the work for you and gives you free time to do other things. OOH Press Bus Sides Digital OOH Radio Impact: 28% uplift in brand recognition Orgs increased YoY by +66% Trials increased YoY by +39% Motivation Impact ● Xero improved significantly as a brand people would consider switching ● 14% to 27% in London ● 73% said the adverts improved their opinion of Xero The rational response was strong, particularly relevance. Amongst those who were curious, three quarters claimed to have in
  • GREAT China Welcome
    GREAT China WelcomeChina is one of the fastest-growing visitor markets for the British tourism industry – growing at over 20% year-on-year and 2012 was no different. But Britain faces intense competition to attract Chinese visitors and a range of activities need to be developed by the public and private sectors to maximise growth. Overarching Objective Develop a brand to help engage the British tourism industry & key industry key players to make the UK the most welcoming European destination for Chinese visitors.
  • STA and GREAT Britian
    STA and GREAT BritianThe Quirky Brits. Reposition Britain in the eyes of STA Travel’s target audience using unique ‘bragable’ British experiences to create interest, engagement and drive sales to Britain. Britain is a multicultural postmodern society with influences from yesteryear informing current fashion, music, thinking and the general vibe of Britain. To the international audience, this can seem quirky and a little eccentric. There are some great events such as The World Pooh Sticks Championship, Cheese rolli
  • Behind Your Business
    Behind Your BusinessI planned and delivered an integrated campaign with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. Along with the core campaign proposition, to drive brand advocacy through both the partner (Accountants & Bookkeeper) and the SMB channels I designed a competition to win some free advertising for both. Markets - the UK and South Africa. _______________________ Businesses are built by people. Far from being faceless entities, small businesses are defined by the people who founded, nurtured and hac
  • UK wide direct marketing campaign
    UK wide direct marketing campaignHays changed. Historically the UK business consisted of a disparate group of companies operating on their own in terms of their offering, terminology and the specifics of individual products and services. The business recently underwent a complete review of all its products and services, in order to develop a more consistent approach in both operations and marketing. The goal was to re-integrate under a single product proposition. Having completed this review Hays wanted to articulate the foll
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