Behind Your Business

  • Joseph Melton

I planned and delivered an integrated campaign with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. Along with the core campaign proposition, to drive brand advocacy through both the partner (Accountants & Bookkeeper) and the SMB channels I designed a competition to win some free advertising for both. Markets - the UK and South Africa. _______________________ Businesses are built by people. Far from being faceless entities, small businesses are defined by the people who founded, nurtured and hacked their way to success. Small businesses have many faces, we want to show the diverse range of faces and businesses across the UK from women & ethnic minorities to new, innovative companies & old school, staple businesses. #behindyourbusiness A tagline that performs a number of roles, being ownable by: • Small businesses – telling the story of what lies beneath the brand name • Partners – every good business needs a good advisor • 600+ add-on apps – everything you need to run your business in the cloud • Xero – software helps businesses of all shapes and sizes flourish This hashtag becomes a battle cry for Xero UK and South Africa, showcasing Xero's support for small businesses. Social lead shareable videos • YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Twitter • OOH advertising • Opportunity for businesses to tell their story and be featured in Xero's advertising • Inform wider creative