What will employment in the Advertising industry look like after the pandemic?


  • There will be much more remote working and flexible hours, the use of Zoom will continue and agencies will have to adapt to their clients new needs and also that of the consumer.
  • Hey

    Great question. May i ask what you think it will look like?

    I feel compelled to re-watch the show Mad Men. Something tells me there's great insight hidden within.
  • No one truly knows, as much of it depends on how long this all last. What is certain is that there will be cuts, and businesses that won't make it out of it, so we can expect less employment opportunities overall as the world colllectively goes from pandemic economy, to a recession. This means at least a couple of years until things return to how they were before the pandemic. However, I would predict that those working more flexibly and independently will see a lot of opportunities as the bigger businesses will cut their permanent staff and look for more temps as demand comes back. I'd recommend learning and polishing up on all the remote working skills to be able to add maximum value, as much of the work will probably be expected to be out of the office, again as a cost saving move.

    Good luck and fear not, the good news is as a graduate, your cost are low, so try and keep it that way for as long as possible.

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