Which graphics tablet would you recommend for a beginner?


  • I used this one :)
    WACOM CTL-472-N

  • if you decide to get a Ipad. buy Porcreate. its a one off payment and its really good to use for drawing/graphic design
  • I'd recommend a Wacom Intuos too - a great investment, easy to use and long lasting. I've used both small and medium sizes and prefer the smaller version if I want to use my laptop on the go in coffee shop etc but prefer the medium version to stay in my office as a permanent fixture :)
  • I went for a Wacom Intuos when I picked one up, a client who was using one recommended going for the A4 size as it's easy to transport with your laptop and you don't have to move your hand very far to get across the screen. It depends what you want to use it for but pressure level sensitivity might be something to look at when checking specs.
    Wacom also offer a range of pen tips, etc. for different uses.
  • I've not used a graphics Tablet, but I'd reccomend iPad & Apple Pencil. Not cheap (still paying myself back into my savings!) but the sensitivity/immediacy of drawing straight on screen is helpful for me as a relative beginner.

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