Who is interested to be part of Social Media Marketing Support Group?

I created group, the place where social media marketing managers, digital marketing specialists and others interested in it, will help and support each others, share good examples and ideas, motivate each other or If someone Is overbooked, forward client to another colleague. To see each other as a motivation and friends not a competition.
The group where we:
-share ideas
-support each other
-learn from each other
-help each other with solutions, advices etc.
-we are making new friendships
-we do not treat each other as competition but associates / friends
If you have any questions feel free to contact me: mkrsticblog@gmail.com

About admin:

I am Milica. Psychologist and Social Media Manager. I run 8 successful Instagram accounts, I am digital influencer and blogger.
Website: www.milicakrstic.com
Instagram: @millicakrstic
Mail: mkrsticblog@gmail.com


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