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Digitalisation has changed how brands deliver their products and services. Technologies like 5G, Machine Learning, IOT, augmented reality and data analytics present new opportunities to innovate and are often behind disruptive new products and services. How does design, business and technology collaborate to reimagine how we serve human needs in industries like health, finance and media through digital products?

Join this Micro Masterclass and learn to apply design’s foundations of empathy and intent for digital product innovation. Led by Brett Macfarlane, corporate innovation leader, we will learn about the process and outputs of early stage digital product invention, design and development. You will touch on the topics of innovation objectives, user needs, product strategy and prototyping. As well, the importance of collaboration and experimentation.

This is an introduction to the early steps of digital product innovation. It is for designers thinking about specialising in product development or communications creatives seeking to understand the origins of digital products they are promoting.

This Micro Masterclass should take around 1-hour to complete.

IMPORTANT: Enrol yourself onto this course via this link here


Attendees — 76

Digital Product Innovation (free course)