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Welcome to Bootcamp: Your fast-track to mastering the art of commercial directing! Immerse yourself in an exhilarating weekend course, meticulously crafted from Aasaf Ainapore’s 25+ years of experience as a successful commercial director. Since its inception in 2015, this flagship program has been empowering filmmakers like you to secure commercial gigs, create remarkable work, and unlock a world of exciting opportunities.
Who should join the adventure? 
Calling all filmmakers, advertising creatives, in-house production teams, producers, cinematographers, writers, actors, and anyone with a burning desire to carve out a fulfilling career in directing commercials.
What's in it for you? 
Discover the insider secrets to winning jobs, refining your skills, and unleashing your true potential. Get ready for a transformative journey where gain the confidence to thrive in the dynamic world of advertising.
What can you expect to gain from this course? 
While we do delve into various aspects of film craftsmanship, it is important to note that this program is not designed as a comprehensive film course catering to episodic or feature directing. Rather, its primary focus lies in equipping you with the strategies and mindset necessary to approach filmmaking as a lucrative career within the advertising industry. By attending, you will gain invaluable insights on how to flourish as a filmmaker in the realm of commercials. 
This course is aimed at an intermediate level.

  • How to break in
  • The 24 specialisms of commercials directors
  • Choosing a production company that knows how to market and nurture your talent
  • In depth feedback on your reel with advice on tailoring it towards getting you representation
  • Spotting emerging trends and positioning yourself to take advantage of them
  • How ad agencies choose directors
  • Unique access to pitches by some of the world's best directors
  • Pitching best practice
  • Practical pitch assignments
Note: You'll be required to bring your reel or body of work as a link or on a usb drive at 720p resolution, as well as a laptop for practical exercises.


Attendees — 23

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