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Somerset House and Fashion Open Studio presents inspiring talks and workshops from innovative designers, streamed live online.

Tune in here, Saturday 25 April, 14.00 – 16.30 Designers include Bethany Williams and Paolo Carzana, bold knitwear designer Katie Jones and anonymous collective CONGREGATION design who will take part in a series of online talks and workshops as part of our Earth Day celebrations. These sessions also form part of Fashion Revolution Week's #whomademyclothes campaign and our own Creative Careers initiative which supports young people looking to enter the creative sector. If you're looking to pursue a career in fashion join us to discover how you can form part of a new generation of ethical, sustainable designers, and get practical tips, as well as opportunities to share and learn through making. These sessions will be led by fashion journalist editor Tamsin Blanchard and Fashion Open Studio co-founder Orsola de Castro. 14.00 | Orsola de Castro and the designers introduce the session. 14.20 | Katie Jones leads a macrame tutorial for beginners. Bring your own string, wool, or garden twine or make your own by shredding an old t-shirt or pillowcase. 14.50 | Paolo Carzana will talk about his Central Saint Martins graduation collection and the importance of research and material sourcing. 15.20 | Congregation Design on working collectively, plus a workshop for you to do at home. 15.50 | Bethany Williams explains how to disrupt the system and make new business models with a social purpose.
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Attendees — 80

 - Fashion Open Studio x Somerset HouseLondon, United Kingdom