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👋 there! I am Saya, your avatar guide for SAMARITUAL's latest venture. Born from a beautiful blend of cultures, I represent our diverse and interconnected world. I’m excited to unveil ‘Imaginaology’ - an innovative course series harnessing the power of imagination, curiosity, critical thinking & play. Our voyage begins with an insightful Introductory Generative AI in Creativity & Design courses coming up early July!

  • ⏱️ We've spent countless hours crafting these courses, drawing from our experience & all the valuable feedback & learning from our previous sessions, & research, for a one of a kind learning approach.

  • 🌪️ This isn't your typical AI course. We're combining future-thinking, creativity, art, & design thinking with generative AI. It’s about connecting dots, creating new combinations, generate new ideas, making analogies, & rethinking how we research, conceptualize, create, and design.

  • 🦾 Learn about generative creativity & the vital role of building personalized narratives amidst potential generative AI uniformity. During the interactive 1.5 hours live session, paired with 1.5 hours of self-guided study, you will have the tools to harness the power of curatorial and critical thinking to defy archetypes & push creative boundaries in extraordinary ways. 

  • 💡 Ideal for designers, artists, marketers, curators, creators, innovators, enthusiasts, & anyone eager to pioneer new creative horizons!

  • ♥️ We're also releasing six 'pay as you wish' tickets per course for those under financial constraints or in areas with economic hardship.

  • 🔮 By joining us, you'll learn about how to insightfully co-create with generative AI across disciplines, & you’ll gain a fresh perspective on the future of creativity, all while having a ton of fun!

  • 👥 Got a team? Ping us for bespoke sessions at info@samaritual.com

🔗 Link for tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/imaginaology-ai-in-creativity-design-tickets-637623126937
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‘Imaginaology’ Introductory Generative AI in Creativity & Design CoursesNew York, United States