Unit 6, 6a Langley St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JA - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Maison Yaba

‘SCARRED’ is an impressive exhibition documenting Africa's various ethnic groups and their displays of cultural identity through body art curated by Mãe Africa. Previewing on November 29 2019, the exhibition will feature over 30 photographs from 5 visual artists and will be opened to the public from November 30 to December 1.

Body modification including scarification, tattooing, body piercings and painting are amongst the oldest visual cultural expressions across Africa. Through striking fine art photography by internationally acclaimed visual artists, Nadine Ibrahim, Eric Lafforgue, Trevor Cole and dynamic talents including Anibal Bueno and Hannah Longole – ‘SCARRED’ aims to inform and raise awareness around these ancient cultural expressions, some of which are still in existence yet slowly vanishing.

In a conversation with selected guests with a direct connection to scarification, ‘SCARRED’ will also explore perspectives on the use of skin as a canvas to convey information about identity, affiliation, personal history, lineage, status and aesthetic choices. 

Taking place across the entire Unit 6 gallery space, ‘SCARRED’ extends beyond exhibited works with other engaging activities as part of its programme, including a screening. Performing at the exhibition’s preview on November 29 is British-Nigerian jazz-soul singer and songwriter, Bumi Thomas, whose sound is inspired by her multicultural lineage.
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Attendees — 17

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