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This webinar is part 1 of a 2-part series. Check out Part 2 Here, and register for both sessions today.
How are you feeling about your work these days? Bored? Frustrated? A bit numb? Perhaps you find yourself daydreaming about doing something completely different for work – but it’s a big step to take.
Is a big dramatic career change always the answer, or are there other approaches to finding fulfilment?
Register for this free session to find out where you sit in the career change spectrum as we explore the various options for your professional progression and fulfilment, from improving your current role to swapping jobs and switching careers.
  • The 5 types of career change, from small to significant – and which is most likely to be right for you
  • Signs and symptoms that tell you it could be time to make a shift
  • Simple, effective strategies to ease the fear of making a move
  • Real life stories and lessons from people who have made tiny tweaks and total ‘180’s
Kindly take 3 minutes to complete this assessment to learn what's your 'Career Happiness' Score.
This assessment is designed to help you get more clarity about the factors that are – and aren't – contributing to your happiness at work – and, if you're starting to consider a shift, which type of shift on the career change spectrum may be the one that's best suited to you.


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The Shift Spectrum: How To Know if a Career Change Is Right for YouLondon, United Kingdom