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No, Achilles doesn't sell blank garments or pre-made patterns, with a little logo and the person responsible changing their Instagram bio to ‘designer’. Triggered? Well, allow yourself a better wardrobe, it's a human (and animal) right by this point. Achilles is you, in garments fit for the gods. Achilles is wearable art which helps you achieve the timeless grandeur that the youth was always meant to embody. Realise you are a sculpture yourself, a walking gallery, deserving of your actions to echo over aeons. To be young in the present day means to be creative, broke, hopeful, downtrodden but powerful. So, break free from the shackles and mental limitations of the 21st Century. Achilles is the act of reclaiming the glory of our youth and reinstating it to its rightful place in the course of changing history. Why Achilles? Achilles is imperfect, like us. Achilles is great, like us. - Qozeem Achilles Lawal, Creator

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