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As male, cis-het voices continue to dominate the news and cultural media both online and offline, Ash Magazine is a space reserved for those of us who do not enjoy equal representation. Each issue of Ash presents a diverse range of relatable, honest and uplifting conversations on a common theme, presented alongside stunning, often politically charged art and illustration. The result is a beautiful, thoughtful magazine that endures. We came to life in 2018 via a Kickstarter campaign funded by hundreds of people who wanted to read an independent magazine that speaks to them. With a focus on feminism, body positivity and gender, Ash advocates for all underrepresented groups, addressing inequality across the board. We’re independent, ad-free and fiercely intersectional, driven by the desire to offer a relatable perspective. Please note: We recognise the under-representation of womxn, people of colour and the queer community in the media, and as such, in an effort to redress the balance, we welcome submissions only from people whose lived experiences fall within those groups.

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