Global comfort footwear brand

Projects credited in

  • Fashion-design by J.J nm
    J.J nm
    -English language supervisor, writer, interpreter
  • FitFlop by Gem Davis
    Gem Davis
    Graphic Designer
  • FitFlop High Summer campaign by Anna White
    Anna White
    Photography Manager
    Lucy Stephens
    Digital Editor
    diego bosco
    Senior Lead Designer
  • FitFlop Consumer brochure by Matt Hobbs
    Matt Hobbs
    Senior Graphic Designer


At FitFlop, we believe that if you want to live an inspired life, you’ve got to start with a great foundation. So, we make the world’s most addictive ergonomic sandals, shoes, and boots, using world class design, a splash of fashion, and an innovating mix of beauty, brains, and biomechanics. Because really cool shoes not only look great, they’re the ones you wear until they fall apart - the shoes that are so comfortable they call your name from the closet. We make them (and they make us!)

People who have worked with FitFlop