Pupil empowers with better data about real-world spaces.

London, United Kingdom

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Pupil is a spatial data company. We capture and publish 3D information about real-world interiors on an industrial scale. Our technology is raising the standards of practice around the globe and is transforming industries by digitising the world’s interiors with new levels of accuracy and consistency. Pupil’s first brand, Spec, is building the new standard for the residential property industry since its launch in June 2018. Spec offers estate agents more accurate and feature-rich marketing assets. Visit: spec.co Pupil is working with industry-leading commercial asset managers to capture and deliver robust spatial datasets at scale, allowing them to optimise their portfolio and unlock its full potential value. Visit: stak.co Pupil is made up of engineers, designers and dreamers from around the globe. We believe that the breathtaking new digital worlds we capture and products we create will radically transform the human experience. If you have world-class skills in any of a number areas - ranging from computer vision and data science to marketing and operations to design – we want to hear from you.

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