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London, United Kingdom

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We are Pupil, a spatial data technology company based in London but operating globally. We’ve created an ecosystem to digitally map the built world, from the inside out. Through our two real estate products, Spec (residential) and Stak (commercial), Pupil is taking physical ‘offline’ buildings and digitising them. Pupil captures highly accurate data and turns it into products that deliver value for customers through our award winning AI. This accuracy will have an unprecedented impact in solving the inefficiency of decision making in real estate markets around the world. It will create a more transparent, trusted, sustainable and efficient industry. Pupil is made up of engineers, designers and dreamers from around the globe. We believe that the breathtaking new digital worlds we capture and products we create will radically transform the human experience. If you have world-class skills in any of a number areas - ranging from computer vision and data science to marketing and operations to design – we want to hear from you.

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