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  • Freelance Graphic designer / Illustrator
  • Freelance Graphic designer / Illustrator


We launch and grow businesses that challenge what is, and define what’s next. Brands that other brands want to be. We started with startups and we know them better than anyone. But our work doesn't just end at launch—that’s when things get really fun.



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  • You may not know it, but you are likely already familiar with Red Antler's work. The company, something of a cult brand whisperer, has helped to create the visual identity, packaging design, and the overall character of companies such as Casper, Allbirds, Rent the Runway, Birchbox, and more recently Brandless. Founded in 2007 by JB Osborne, Simon Endres, and Emily Heyward, the company is headquartered in Brooklyn. These days, Red Antler is involved in just about every step of a company launch, from defining—and even creating—the product to developing its visual identity online. And it plays an increasingly important role in the startup ecosystem, facilitating introductions between investors and promising founders. The company’s growing prominence is indicative of how important brand building has become for companies at the very earliest stages.

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