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Rise Art is a curated online gallery. We feature great art chosen by art experts from around the world. And we're changing the way people find and buy art, making it easy for everyone. From using Artificial Intelligence and consumer psychology to shape our personalised recommendations to pioneering our try-before-you-by art rental offering that allows everyone to see work in situ, Rise Art makes buying great art simple risk-free and accessible.



Discover the collectable artists of the future

FT Magazine, Financial Times

  • FT How to Spend It https://howtospendit.ft.com/art-philanthropy/202702-discover-the-collectable-artists-of-the-future


20 Hot London Startups


  • Mashable votes Rise Art number 15 on their list of Top London Startups http://www.riseart.com/article/2013-07-24-rise-art-in-mashable-s-top-20-hot-london-startups

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