Project Y

More about project: What do the raised hands mean? Fear, subordination or maybe - on the contrary - they are a sign of joy, self- confidence and comfort? If we look at athletes standing on the podium or the audience at a fantastic concert we can see the characteristic gesture of raised hands, full of joy and adoration. However, the same gesture in the event of a threat is an expression of submission and enslavement. In the context of the biblical story of the war between the Israelites and the Amalekites, Moses' raised hands gave the advantage and ultimate victory to the Israelites. The gesture of raised hands there meant a begging prayer to the God who was in power to give victory even to those who did not have any warfare experience. "Project Y" is the memory of women raped and executed during the last wars ... ... war sexual violence was the domain of the Red Army, raping massively German and Polish women during "liberation" in 1944-1945. Recently discovered documents, however, show that during World War II, they also raped Germany. And on a mass scale. And also Japanese troops, which in the occupied Far East organized a network of public houses in which Korean and Chinese slaves were placed.

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