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whynow is a digital magazine and radio station founded in 2019 that features the best stories in British arts, music and culture. We are a culture first, feature based channel that is fuelled by a passion and belief in British arts and the stories of the individuals who are creating it. It was set up with one goal in mind — to celebrate the peerless creative talents of everybody that calls this island home from all corners of the UK. From John O’Groats to Land’s End, every story matters. We care about many things, but chiefly our passion is for promoting excellence, regardless of whom or what we are profiling. We are not isolationists. We want to tell extraordinary stories from around the world, but with an angle of how it relates to Britain. We’re a national magazine who are always thinking of readers living in the UK. We cover many areas of journalism: history, film and television, photography, fine art, music, and gaming. We are always looking for beauty and magnificence in unexpected places. We take great care to produce articles that are illuminating to read, but also look stunning, and so we’re always eager to commission photographers alongside writers to capture the most exciting emerging characters in art and culture, up and down the country, as well as eminent heavyweights whose legacies have helped shape Britain’s post-war cultural landscape.

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