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Since it opened its doors on Shoreditch High Street back in 2013, Ace Hotel has swiftly become attuned to the heartbeat of East London, tapping into the creative community and becoming not just a hotel, but a thriving cultural hub for the arts, dining, design, music and more. In 2015, Ace Hotel teamed up with Modern Design Review to host Ready Made Go, a London Design Festival exhibition with a twist: every designer featured was commissioned to make a specific product to permanently feature – and function – within the fabric of the hotel. Philippe Malouin made stools and door handles; Studio Vit created table lamps and pendants; Tomás Alonso crafted a spun-copper ashtray – and so on. These, together with other pieces created in 2015 and for the three successive editions of the show, are now part of Ace Hotel’s design make-up, steadily turning the hotel’s fixtures and furniture into a who’s who of contemporary London design. 


Ready Made Go has been one of Zetteler’s favourite LDF shows since the beginning, and Ace Hotel London has long been one of our favourite East London haunts, so the opportunity to play a part in the fourth edition of the exhibition is hugely exciting for us. We’re working with Ace Hotel and Modern Design Review to share news about the designers and products behind Ready Made Go 4, aiming to make the 2018 show every bit as successful as its predecessors.


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