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Advance Table Pricing using CSV

The Advance Table Pricing magento module allows you to easily create and manage products with one or two dimensions with variable sizes and variable prices. This module uses CSV file to calculate price against the user’s selected size. Easily create all the available sizes and prices in a CSV file and assign it to a product. With drop-down input support you can restrict the user to select sizes from predefined list thus giving you more control over the product sizes and price. Instead of creating complex, configurable products with hundreds of associated simple products, you can create all in one product that can be easily managed.

This CSV based pricing module is ideal for products with 2 dimensions or 1 dimension and variable sizes: for example Windows, blinds, carpets, sheets, wood, glass, frames, pictures, tiles, pipes, wires, ropes etc.

Community Edition 1.5.x.x -
Enterprise Edition 1.10.x.x -

Enable/Disable module from configuration
Enable/Disable Advance Table Pricing module from configuration
Can be used for area based products i.e Length x Width etc
Can be used for single option i.e Length or height etc
Discount on output value e.g result of [L x W] etc
Supports fixed and percent discount
Supports multiple discounts per product
Supported field types: Text field & Drop-down
Global CSV file option
5 input unit types i.e. Inches, feet, millimeter, centimeter and meter
5 output unit types i.e. Inches, feet, millimeter, centimeter and meter
Can set validation messages per product or globally
Automatic detection of minimum and maximum values from CSV
Without modifying core files & magento database tables.
Easy installation
Free professional installation and configuration
Free technical support

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