An Interview with Chloe Pierre, the Founder of thy.self

  • Alexandra (Lex) Hearth
  • Chloe Pierre

“By No Means Was It Meant to Be a Business but It Very Quickly Turned into That!”

The wellness industry was a space which grew fast, despite having quite a marginalised identity. Techniques developed to support mental well-being, were presented with an identity package which included £150 leggings, size 8, long hair and white. There was no singular brand or influencer responsible for this, but we didn’t question it. We just accepted “that’s what yogis look like” and by the way, they also like green juice.

There are many spaces in society which exist with frameworks generally accepted, until someone stands up, points out there’s something odd about it, and change happens. A recent example would be the contrast between the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and the Savage x Fenty fashion show: from “this is what sexy is”, to “look at ALL of this sexiness”.

Two years ago, Londoner Chloe Pierre found herself seeking some healing. Having been through a tough time personally, she began exploring different avenues to rebuild her emotional strength and self-worth. She found those through holistic practices, but she also found that these spaces were, at best, pretty narrow. Here, she chats to Alexandra about the formation of thy.self, what its growth has taught her about business, and about where the world can go.
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