Bang & Olufsen: tone of voice

Bang & Olufsen is an audio icon. But their voice didn’t resonate with music lovers like it should. It was distorted with overly technical language, and lacked the precision and power they’re famous for. Working in harmony with design agency Snask and Bang & Olufsen’s in-house team, we created a voice that plays on the senses, de-waffles language, and balances the tech specs of each product with the experience of listening to it. It’s not about X watts of power or a however-many-Hz frequency range – it’s music that fills rooms, raises goosebumps, and delivers details you’ve never heard before. That’s the sound of Bang & Olufsen. We’re continuing to work with B&O on a range of product-specific projects, including naming and copywriting.

“Reed Words elevated the language we use across the business – from our creative strategy and company handbook, to our seasonal campaigns and brand partnerships. They took stuff we’ve been talking about for decades, and put the magic back into it.”

Paul Collins — Global Creative Director, Bang & Olufsen