Be Discovered: How to get Featured on The Dots

We’re always asked ‘how do you get featured on The Dots?’

Well, as platform for all corners of the creative industry, we like to keep inspiration fresh. To do so, our lead curator delves into our pool of projects on a daily basis, choosing work to position onto our front page and across social platforms. This gives outstanding members the exposure they deserve. Here’s the pointers for you to get picked for front page fame too:

Add at least 3 projects to your profile

A creative trinity is a must. Pick 3 projects and within them, use at least 3 pieces of content- ideally 800 pixels wide or more. Mix it up with different stages too, from your early sketches, behind the scenes and the shiny final piece, we want to see your work from all angles.

Use striking imagery This is perhaps the most important- The Dots is an extremely visual space where striking images or videos really rouses our team and the wider sphere to engage. Alongside visual creativity, there’s room for audio and prose-orientated projects too, but exciting and sharply presented content will always strengthen your case.

Thumbnails are fundamental

Twiddle with project thumbnails and make sure that they are top notch. This is the first image that our team and amazing community will see. Like a big, bright red door with a gorgeous brass knocker on it, thumbnails tempt people’s curiosity.

Tag clients & collaborators

Tag all of the people/companies involved in your projects, it’s the best way to share the love. When your tags are accepted, you’ll be featured on their profiles or company pages too, making your work more discoverable!

Keep the Projects Coming

The more you share, the more we care. Keep updating your portfolio so that your work keeps cropping up in our ‘latest’ project section, this is likely to grab our attention. It also means that you are moving with the times and in such a fast paced industry, we love to see relevant and contemporary work.

The Concept behind the Craft

As well as sharing strong techniques, we’re captivated by creative processes. Any emotive, personal or out-there reasonings behind your project will probably engross us to read more. Dedicate a section to description, it lets us know all about why your final project is important, moving or just super cool.

Tweet, Gram & Share @The_Dots_UK

With the sheer amount of astounding work uploaded onto The Dots, we’d need an army of curators to know it all. We’ll admit that sometimes some gorgeous projects slip through the net, so use social media to double your chances of being noticed. We’re a friendly bunch too and always interested in seeing what you had for breakfast.

What Would You Think?

Finally, ask yourself whether or not you would like to see the work that you have created. If you can see it having a place in a magazine that you adore, your favourite blog or on the side of a double decker bus, then we’re probably going to think the same. Great minds think alike, hey?!

Need Inspiration?

Enter this portal of projects for all of the diverse, extraordinary creativity that's been featured on The Dots to date, you could be next:

Any questions or problems, email us We’re always happy to help.

Words: Robyn Sian Cusworth

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