Be Discovered: How to get featured on The Dots

We’re always asked ‘How do I get featured on The Dots?’

Well, as a platform for all corners of the creative industry, we like to keep inspiration fresh.

Everyday, our global curators feature community members in our People section, alongside projects on our Today and Projects sections. This gives outstanding members the exposure they deserve.

Here are a few pointers for you to get picked for front page fame:

Featured Profiles

Our curators make sure to select members of The Dots that have projects that are inspiring, rooted in a good cause or aesthetically spectacular. We select people whether they are juniors, mids or seniors.

1. Have at least 3 projects on your profile

A creative trinity is a must if you want to see your face on our curated people pages. The most viewed profiles have a profile picture and at least 3 projects.
Mix it up with different stages too, from your early sketches, behind the scenes or the shiny final piece, we love to see your work from all angles.
Tip: Projects can be absolutely anything... from photos of an event or an interview to a full campaign. Be sure to use high-res visuals/media within projects (imagery ideally 800 pixels wide or more).

2. Make sure you have a profile picture!

It may seem like an obvious one, but if you don't have a profile picture on The Dots you won't appear in search results - so you won't see your name in lights.
You don't need a professional headshot, anything from other social channels will do!

3. Credited projects are a bonus!

At The Dots we believe in giving recognition to everyone involved in creative endeavour, so make sure to credit any teammates/collaborators and clients in your projects.
Tip: Projects you've worked on might already be on The Dots, get credit for your work.

Featured Projects

Our curators feature projects daily, which are shown on both the Today and Projects pages. Often, our curators look for work that is inspiring, rooted in a good cause or aesthetically spectacular. There are three main ways to stand out to our curators;

1. Choose a striking project thumbnail & use high-res visuals/media

Thumbnails are the first thing that our curators and the community will see. Like a bright red door with a gorgeous brass knocker on it, thumbnails tempt curiosity!
Tip: Be sure to use high-res visuals/media within projects (imagery ideally 800 pixels wide or more).

2. Credit any clients & collaborators in your projects

Every day our curators select project teams to champion on our Today pages.
Credit the full team by searching for them on The Dots or inviting them to join.
By crediting your project team and clients, the project will also appear on their profiles or company pages. This makes your work more discoverable and gives credit where it's due. Hooray!
Tip: You can also credit yourself in projects posted by your team/collaborators. Give it a try here.

3. Include a few words/sentences about your projects

Dedicate a section to help give some context behind your creative endeavour - even a few words can really help set the scene.
We love to hear the concept behind the craft, as well as any behind the scenes insights or processes.

Need Inspiration?

Check out all of the extraordinary people and projects featured daily on the Today section of The Dots... you could be next!
You can also share your projects with us at @The_Dots_UK to help catch our eye (we’re quite a sociable bunch too).