Big Bang Intern Series: Josh Mac, BESTSELLER

  • Andy Thompson
The Big Bang is a creative internship scheme founded and run by the recruitment firm Daniel Marks in collaboration with The Dots. The Big Bang is where Creativity begins and aims to give young creative talent a paid opportunity to let their talent shine.
Last year the Brief was to “Create a Brand and Advertise an IFO - an Identified Flying Object!”. With some incredible work submitted, we’ve selected a series of interviews with not only the ultimate employers but the Big Bang ‘Rising Stars’ who through the scheme went into paid work at some of London’s leading brands and creative agencies.
One of our Big Bang 2016 finalists was Junior Creative, Josh Mac, who gained a full-time job at international fashion company, BESTSELLER. Here he talks through Matrix - his creation for the competition - and his many exceeded expectations in the year since. But first, Emily Potter - BESTSELLER's Brand Communications Manager, who hired him - suggests how you too can make your message stand out.
What was it that stood out about Josh’s application?
BESTSELLER were looking for a creative content maker, so we were looking past his idea and to the quality of his work and the different media use.
Josh’s is a different situation as he was offered a permanent job rather than just an internship. What has he been doing?
Everything! Josh has been introducing us to new forms of digital media, opening our eyes to the world of augmented, 3D and 360 content. As well as designing and creating all our existing content from, photoshoots, Flat lays, gifs, video, presentations / infographics, store and interior design mockups. He is well embedded in the business, taking creative briefs from our Directors and myself as Brand Communication Manager for the UK.
What made you get involved in the Big Bang scheme?
I like the ‘disadvantaged background’ initiative. I was instantly pretty excited and keen to spur it on.
Would you recommend others to get involved in this in future?
Yes definitely. Daniels Marks are super friendly so really easy to work with :)
Any top tips for future applicants?
Have a think about where you want to sit in a business. Research the many different types of role a Fashion Marketing company might need and target your application to that. Videos are a key way to engage. In a Marketing landscape where Generation Z spend 7-8 hours a day on screen and 2-4 on YouTube watching videos, it’s a certain and direct way to get your product across.

What was the inspiration for your creation?
The future of technology and embracing it to enrich how we live. Always excited by the way tech directs how we interact, visualize and learn. I thought I would put a spin on this into a way it might help us engage through physical activity and play, using new ways of collecting and playing with data. I had ventured into learning 3D and motion design through online tutorials and self-exploration. Showing off these skills ensured my submission stood out to BESTSELLER, where I ended up as a full time creative designer.
Tell us about your role at BESTSELLER? What does it entail and what have you learnt?
Employed as a creative designer at BESTSELLER I work across all 20 of our brands, providing creative content for print / digital graphic design, 3D / motion design and social media. I have set up an in-house photography studio, been on photography shoots for international fashion campaigns in Denmark and had my own photography work displayed as a focus in a shop window on Oxford Street.
Given great trust from the start, I have been empowered to bring new initiatives to our way of working, ensuring our content delivery matches the high standards currently being set in the market. An unbounded personal interest and immersion in design, fashion and technology, makes it natural to pursue new ideas. The environment at BESTSELLER and people I work with always allows development of these ideas to creation.
I have travelled, explored my own creative talents and developed greatly as an individual with each experience at BESTSELLER in the past year. Embedded in the structure here, more than being just a creative I have developed a great understanding of communication, people and business.
What I take from this experience is to always ask, always suggest and always find intrigue. There is so much to learn at the start and people are happy to guide you, but be sure to bring something to the table yourself. You won’t start somewhere as the best, but for sure, you can become the best.
Has it been what you expected? How so?
Expecting to join as a small fish in a large pond I thought I would be ‘that new guy’ for a while. Never imagining how well valued my contribution and integration into the company could be. Freedom to bring new ideas to the table and the response that has had, always surprises in a good way. I see myself with this company for a long time to come - from being contacted by Daniel Marks as part of this competition up until now, 12 months later, a great deal has changed for me. Expectations have been blown out of this ‘large pond’ I thought it was a year ago.
What advice would you give anyone thinking of applying for the next Big Bang?
It was the closing week of the competition before I got started. Having looked at the advertisement many times, I doubted myself, thinking that without a ‘degree level or equivalent’ education in the creative world, I wouldn’t be able to submit something worthy.
Regardless of the competitions all-inclusive specification, at the time of applying to the Big Bang, the phrase ‘degree level or equivalent’ was embedded in my mind. In the weeks previous I had replied to many creative agencies job postings, it was difficult to find a single one without the ‘Degree level or equivalent’ spec, it was also difficult to find a single one willing to respond to my application.
At this point it was hard to envisage my way into this world, and seriously doubt it would have happened without the unique opportunity provided by the Big Bang.

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