Bloom - £20k donation to Women's Aid announcement

  • Kim French
  • Polly Hibbert
  • Minerva Freire
  • Veronica Stevenson
  • Joanna Lyall
  • Sheloa Nichols

I project managed the creation of this beautiful illustration used to announce Bloom's emergency donation of £20k to Women's Aid. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the demand for their live chat helpline service has risen by a staggering 41%, with over 600 women waiting in the queue to speak to one of our trained support workers at any one time. As a result of the donations from the new and existing Bloom members, we are humbled to announce we’ve been able to donate £20,000 to Women’s Aid. A decision was made by the Bloom leadership team to bring this donation forward as the need to keep their Live Chat service operating is more important now than ever, with many women unable to speak on the phone for fear of being overheard. Each chat with a support worker costs around £5, based on a 20-minute conversation, therefore this donation could help as many as 4,000 women. The illustration was created in partnership with Freeda Media and produced by the incredibly talented Minerva Freire.