Can the Female Gaze Empower?

  • Nath Day
  • Jameela Elfaki
  • Ronan Mckenzie
  • Tosin Goke

Tinted wanted branding that reflected their inclusivity and playfulness. The combination of two typefaces, RANDOM and Inter, represented, crucially, the diversity which was at the core of the brand, and positioned Tinted as a bold and energetic force. ‘Can The Female Gaze Empower?’ was a Tinted talk hosted by Ronan Mckenzie, featuring a panel of some of the most exciting photographers of today- Harley Weir, Elizabeth Okoh, Yushi Li and Jameela Elfaki. This virtual event discussed new forms of female empowerment that stray away from the normative gaze of the patriarchy. The result plays on ocular imagery, using the eye to symbolise the female gaze. A banner was created that could be used as a header across all of the purchasing sites for tickets, and could also be integrated into the Instagram posts used to promote the event. Alongside this, each speaker had a bespoke typographic monogram created for them which represented their practice. Using a monogram, traditionally a symbol of status, further compounds the narrative of female empowerment.


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