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** Who are We ** Tinted is an emerging creative initiative aimed at diversifying the stock photography industry. This can mean many different things from producing stock content, working with clients for commissioned work, as well as supporting photographers. Because of our ultimate goal, we aim to support photographers of colour and allied groups. ** Goals ** Throughout the year, we have a list of set goals. 1. Create 28 Big events 2. Create 24 intimate events 3. All of our events will start online but as restrictions get lifted, we will move to more physical based events 4. Create a directory of photographers to support the creation of diverse stock photography 5. Build client-facing relationships 6. Acquire commissioned work and offer it up to members of the directory ** How might we support photographers? ** The support we offer photographers starts from our intimate events. These experiences offer a chance to have your work directly reviewed by professional photographers. By doing this, we hope to offer a space to challenge your ideas, validate your decisions, and back your work. The main objective at Tinted is producing diverse stock photography. We will do this by taking on clients who need commissioned work and completing assigned jobs. By joining our directory, you can expect to receive call-outs for this work.

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