Chivas Regal Ultis

  • Jim Stump
  • Emma Alexander
  • Courtney Brooks
  • Grace Gulliford
  • Carole Guiet

To launch a luxury whisky that embodies the essence of Chivas' craft, we brought to life the essence of those who helped make it - by turning their DNA into generative art.

Chivas Ultis is a £400 blend of five single malts, each specifically chosen to commemorate the brands five generations of Master Blenders. To communicate its unique, precious qualities in a way that is interesting to consumers online and in the bar, we embarked on a project of innovation.
With digital artists FIELD, we developed an algorithm that would use the processed DNA of five Chivas craftsmen as data inputs to digitally reveal their unique individual qualities. Art that is literally them. (See a compilation of the five generative animations below)
The artworks form luxurious campaign launch visuals across print, travel Retail, social and in bar motion graphics at launch events, while the algorithm that created them is being used to reveal the essence of event guests and key influencers around the world at local market level. 
A documentary film and supporting assets that explain the project also form part of global launch toolkits that are specifically intended for editorial & PR partnerships.
Read more about how we did it here.