Coach yourself through collaging

  • Dina Grishin

Vision-boarding is dead. Collaging is where it's at. Come find out for yourself at this collaging workshop on Sunday 9th Feb. All equipment provided, you get to take your glorious collage home at the end. Why is collaging so powerful? Everyday you may be thinking about your problems, but you're not seeing solutions. The solutions are there in what we see. But these images go straight into the subconscious passing our conscious brain because we processes images so damn fast. 60,000 times faster than text. Basically our subconscious is a reservoir of answers, solutions and remedies to all our problems. Amazing no? Yes, but sadly the subconscious doesn't do words. Only images. So how do we get those images out? Mindful collaging that's how. In this workshop you'll be shown how to quieten the overactive, frantic, anxiety-producing conscious mind through relaxing mindful collage. You'll produce a picture, which will then blow your own mind because it's like your intuition personified through pics, telling you all you wanted to know about where you should focus your attention and what needs to happen next. This is for you if: > You’re craving doing something with your hands (other than typing). > You want to do something creative that's not your day job. > You want to consume images in a totally different way than you're used it. > You’ve had a stressful start to the year and want something relaxing, mindful, yet active. > You’ve had a mood you’re in and can’t put words to it… > You're keen to do something different and fun on a Sunday Collaging is relaxing, active mindfulness, but also gently powerful. The simple process of picking and sticking images helps you gain insight and clarity into your life and help you make choices. Limited number of tickets available -