• James Carter

Crimestoppers believe everybody has the right to feel safe from crime, wherever they live. Their purpose is to give people the power to speak up to stop crime, 100% anonymously.

Crimestoppers is a heritage brand that has been delivering a vital service for many years, but is also an independent charity in need of support, which is why a rebrand was so essential.
Adding human emotion and empathy
Crimestoppers’ new brand identity tells stories through photography featuring people in everyday environments. This fly-on-the-wall style, crops out the faces of ‘Stoppers’ for anonymity, and is integrated with imagery that is suggestive of a crime. A forensic style has been carefully chosen to provoke intrigue, not fear.
For ‘Supporters’, the photography shows the brand’s empathetic ‘community’ side: people in everyday situations, safe from crime, wherever they live.
A brighter, more optimistic feel
The red has been retained to reflect Crimestoppers’ heritage, and a complementary purple means the palette avoids using black or ‘police’ blue. Secondary colours of teal and mustard create a more vibrant and energetic feel.